Anti-union acts in UPS Turkey

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The American shipping company, UPS, that carries on business over 200 countries, discharged workers in Turkey on account of the fact that they were the members of TÜMTİS.

The union of the motor vehicle workers of Turkey (TÜMTİS) protested the dismissals in front of the center of UPS and made a statement to the press. The public statement was read by the chairman of the TÜMTİS, Kenan Öztürk, and was also supported by lots of unions and non-governmental organizations.

Öztürk declared that in UPS, which had 5000 workers all over of Turkey, there was hostility towards unionization and workers. Moreover slavery system was dominant within the company. Öztürk also emphasized that workers worked 10-12 hours per day and were paid with minimum wage thus worker’s life turned into hell with the flexible, insecure and unregulated working conditions.

Öztürk stated that workers began to be unionized in order to work in better conditions however the management of the UPS answered this unionization with an aggressive hostility. Öztürk continued his words: “In 19th of April 33 members of us was discharged and they resist under the leadership of the union. With the determined attitude of our members and help of the international solidarity 24 members of us hired back.”

After recruitments the sympathy towards union has expanded on the other hand, due to the expanding sympathy company again dismissed 32 workers. As Öztürk stated, in total 41 workers were discharged as they were unionized. Öztürk added that “UPS workers start out to be unionized, they are decisive and they absolutely win this struggle”.

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