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TIE-Brasil organises schooling for and exchanges between union members, and collaborates with the unions of the food, automobile and telecom industries, and those of call centres, electronics companies and government personnel. TIE-Brasil focuses on empowering employees and reinforcing their organisation on the work floor. TIE-Brasil is also the foremost developer of ‘product mapping’, which is why it has already on numerous occasions been involved in helping the Dutch labour movement integrate the method (see  

From 2010, TIE-Brasil together with activists from the CUT has been involved in exchanges with activists from the transportsector in the Netherlands. The Brazilians trained the Dutch activists in production mapping, and now they can apply the method in their own sector.

In 2012 TIE-Netherlands and TIE-Brasil started a project around DAF. The aim of the project is to build a network between union activists working at DAF in the Netherlands and union activists in Ponta Grossa, where a new DAF factory is being built.

Another project coordinated by TIE-Netherlands and TIE-Brasil focuses on the cacao sector. More can be found about this project at:


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